(Hola!!. I just want to say that I speak Spanish, but I love languages, and this is a great way to practice, a little, my English. So I apologize if something is not well written, I'm still a beginner)

Does it sound a bit cocky? Maybe. Is it something depressing? Yes. But it's true? Of course.

It might sound like something a former partner would say full of rage and pain, but those words are right. Sometimes we don't change things for something that is better for us, sometimes, for laziness, selfishness, or pride, we make some changes for something that is easier, things that cause us less work. And sometimes those changes are about people.

Who, at some time in their life, has not felt that they preferred others before us? Or that they are excluding us, or replacing us? I have felt this way, that they replace me, that they prefer others before me, and the last time they spoke to me of this phrase "They don't change you for something better, they change you for something easier", then mysteriously the phrase appeared to me everywhere, so reflect on those words and I think that, in a way, it's true.

Not all people are like that, but a great majority only look for the easy way to escape from their problems, and sometimes, at the end of that path, they don't find what they really need, they only find more torments in their lives.

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Don't think that you weren't enough, don't feel that you don't deserve nothing and above all, don't think that they left you for another person who is "better than you". NO. Nobody is better than you, every individual in this world has something that makes it special, something that makes it unique, and I'm very sure that you have something that makes you different, because we all act and think differently, so nobody can replace you, replace what you are and what you offer to the world.

You don't know what goes through people's minds, maybe he, or she, felt that you deserved something better than what he/she could offer you. Or, simply, it could be that they didn't want to fight for you, in that case it is better that everything is over.

Don't think they got bored with you, they just didn't want to fight for something good. Don't think that they preferred someone else before you, they just preferred something easier. And it's really sad, because good things are not easy to get (and I'm not saying that all good things are a battle to get them)

Besides, what doesn't inspire you to be a better person, then it's something you don't really need in your life.

Kisses xx