okay so here are 5 tips I actually use and I believe they work.

1. For you, not anyone else

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Make sure that whatever you're studying, is for you only. This is obviously a very general sense of everything, you should do everything for yourself only, but listen closely. School, most of the time, is somewhere we go, to just go. In my opinion school is way more than a place of classes and grades. Its a learning environment, where YOU become a better person. Before you give up on that physics class, try to remind yourself it can make you a better person, even if you don`t actually use it in your near future.

2. Relax

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Relax, believe it or not everything will be okay. One or two little grades do not define you as a student. Its okay to not be perfect all the time.

3. Get to work

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Stop procrastinating and just start getting your shit done. Its okay not to finish, but at least start. I always go by this phrase:

if you leave it,
you`ll regret it.

4. Set your priorities

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This one is simple, if you have a history test next week but a math in two days, math should be put first. BUT NEVER LEAVE IT FOR LAST MINUTE (the day before or in the morning of).

5. Breaks

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You should try the Pomodoro Technique, where you study for 25 min straight and take a 5 min break repeat the process till you finish studying!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first article, sorry its a lil crappy. I will try better them.
lots of love,
clara <3