Basic Info

Name: Bella Foster
Age: 17
Birthday: 29 January
Nationality: British


hair, blonde, and long hair image eyes, blue, and eye image girl image girl, fashion, and grunge image

Type of channel

Image removed cook, dining, and eat image candle, pink, and pastel image calm, kiss, and lover image
About my life, cook with me, selfcare and sometimes my relationship


dog, funny, and hanger image girl, travel, and map image quotes, girl, and feminist image Just Do It, fuck all, and i don't care image
Temporarily removed art, drawing, and painting image
Goofy, adventurous, feminist as fuck, not give a fuck, spread love, artsy and secretly a heartbroken girl

Casual look

Image removed aesthetic, clothes, and cyber image adidas and outfit image style, fashion, and jeans image
Basically like a LA hoe


fashion, style, and boots image fashion, outfit, and shoes image
Really casual but cute

Night party

fashion, dress, and luxury image shoes, fashion, and boots image fashion, black, and dress image fashion, outfit, and style image gucci, bag, and accessories image girl, Queen, and crown image

My house

chic, girly, and glam image beautiful, home, and style image interior, home, and kitchen image bathroom, home, and interior image car, black, and luxury image bedroom, room, and home image
White, black and gray everywhere


makeup, sunflower, and youtube image alissa violet, girl, and beauty image couple, cindy kimberly, and neels visser image kelsey calemine, fatherkels, and kelsey image maggie lindemann, Maggie, and makeup image girl, model, and fashion image
James Charles, Alissa Violet, Neels Visser, Cindy Kimberly, Fatherkels, Maggie L and Marla Catherine

Best friends

grayson dolan, dolan twins, and dolan image Image removed Image by Beka brasil, goals, and taylor image Image removed best friends, goals, and model image
Grayson Dolan, Cameron Dallas, Grier siblings, Taylor Caniff, Emma Chamberlain, Ellie and Hannah


ethan dolan and dolan twins image couples, lovers, and openrp image kiss, kissing, and couple image Image removed ethan dolan, dolan twins, and pizza image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Ethan Dolan

Instagram feed

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