❝I've made a list of my top ten Avril's underrated songs❞

Now, this is only of my personal taste and recommendation ;)

Anyways here's my Avril Lavigne collection for you to check it out:

10. Everything Back But You

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This song is about a broke-up, but in the good way. Avril says she wants everything back (stuffs and gifts) except for him.

9. 4 Real

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It's about a girl who wants to be with the person she likes but she's not sure he feels the same way. "'Cause I'm for real, Are you for real?".

8. Take Me Away

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I think this song is so deep, it's one of my favorites from "Under My Skin". It's about a person who has lost its head because of one person and a dream that could be real.

7. Remember When

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Avril's voice...

6. Naked

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This song is about someone who feels itself with the person she/he is with. Can't be someome else.

5. I Love You

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It's, in summary, a love confession. "You're so beautiful, but that's not why I love you...".

4. Mobile

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This song is about how life changes and you have to just move on and be strong.

3. Darlin

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"I wish you could be happy instead There's nothing else I can do Then love you the best that I can"

2. Anything But Ordinary

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This song it's so pure and makes me soft, really. And again, Avril's voice.

1. Fall to Pieces

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Oh My God, this song... My all time Avril Lavigne favorite song. It makes so happy and sad at the time, I listen to it and I start to think about so many things that I just relax, it's so good.

thx for reading !!