a - age

girl, 22, and happy birthday image birthday image

b - best feature

hair, girl, and blonde image hair, girl, and blonde image
i looove my hair

c - country

beautiful, fjord, and nature image nature, norway, and mountain image
i'm from norway

d - dream

ariana grande, coachella, and ariana image aesthetic, artist, and beautiful image
since i was a little girl i always wanted to become a popstar, and deep within it's still my ''big dream''

e - every day starts with

water, aesthetic, and theme image amanda seyfried, gif, and mamma mia image
water and dancing to some good music

f - favourite artists

beyoncé and bey image ed sheeran and music image shawn mendes, black and white, and guitar image Sigrid and sigrid raabe image Image removed Image removed
sooo many favourite artists and these are a few of them (beyoncé, ed sheeran, shawn mendes, sigrid, 5sos and twenty one pilots)

g - greatest achievements

home, interior, and white image bedroom, grey, and home image
i haven't really achieved that much... well the fact that i'm still alive after 22 years is a great achievement, isn't it? but last year i bought my very first and my very own apartment, and i'm proud of that

h - hobbies

food, sweet, and yummy image Image removed piano, music, and white image blackandwhite, netflix, and disney image
i love to bake, read, play piano and sing and ofc netflix

i - in love with

stars, night, and sky image forest, northern lights, and road image
i'm in love with the clear night sky, the stars and the northern light AND also winter

j - job of my dream

music, chopin, and notes image piano, music, and hands image
to teach music to others

k - kids

baby, family, and kids image brother, family, and picture image
yes, many please!!

l - language

Image removed espanol, frase, and moda image
ofc norwegian and english, but i also speak sign language, spanish and i understand sweedish and danish bc thats very similar to norwegian

m - movies

harry potter, pizza, and couple image and, blonde, and car image
harry potter, marley & me and many many others (i love musicals)

n - nationality

Image by Reem🌻 norway, skam, and bunad image

o - one favourite song

autumn, nature, and fall image Image by Miss Fahrenheit
house by the sea - moddi

p - people that inspire me

blake lively image emma watson and harry potter image
blake livley bc i love her style and just the kind of person she is, and emma watson bc she's beautiful and has her own strong opinions

q - quote

any situation is neutral and you choose whether you want to make it positive or negative
- idk

r - random fact

Image removed cat, animal, and cute image
i'm very allergic to cats but idc bc they're so cute and i loove them

s - sports

autumn, fall, and nature image ski, winter, and cross-country skiing image nature, mountains, and sky image amazing, beautiful, and europe image
i love to run and in the winter i go skiing, in the summer i love to kayaking and go hiking in the mountains

t - tv-shows

friends, monica, and tv show image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and callie torres image one tree hill and haley james image game of thrones, got, and dragon image
friends, grey's anatomy, one tree hill and game of thrones

u - underrated songs i listen to

harrystyles, louistomlinson, and zaynmalik image
i think many of one directions songs are underrated, many of them are very good!

v - vacation places

atardecer, luz, and playa image africa, zanzibar, and beach image

w - worst habbits

gif, anime, and aesthetic image
not doing the dishes for days

x - xrays

kiss, us, and black and white image carefree, dark, and ribs image
i once had an xray taken of my head because i had a concussion, once of my hands (they were hurting like hell and there were growing a bump inside my knuckles) and then thousands of my teeths ofc

y - your favourite drink

beyoncé, Pepsi, and queen b image beautiful, commercial, and jay-z image

z - zodiac sign

Image removed

thanks for reading!
x i