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yes month

During all this month you will say yes to everything! This could lead you to new adventures. If your friend asks you to go to a party with her you'll say yes! If your neighbor asks you to help him paint his house you'll say yes! If your cousin asks you to read certain book you'll say yes! And you'll do it.

Obviously, don't forget to think by yourself. If you get ask to do something illegal or not ethical you can make the exception to that question and say no.


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smile month

This month is all about love and friendship. Smile to everybody that gets in your way, even if you are not friends. Who knows? Maybe one of those people you smile to could become a great life long friend.


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no coke month

You will be surprise how much coke you drink in a whole month, or at least I did. This is not good for your health but if you can quit it forever, do it just for a month! You can discover other drinks and maybe like them better. At the end of the month you could even find coke not so incredible. I had to keep coke away for some more days as I found it a little strong for me.


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vegetarian month

I usually don't finish this challenge but I am on it! This is an experience you will want to feel. If you are already vegetarian or vegan just quit something your really love.

Remember to always put your health first so if you don't feel capable of doing this challenge don't do it.


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fitness month

Summer is coming and we better take advantage of this monthly challenges to get fit! If you have never done a workout this is your opportunity to try it. Start slowly, preferably walking and doing simple workouts. Do it everyday, at least ten minutes per day.

If you already do workouts, well add a little something to this month! Everyday try something different. There are a hundreds of sports and workouts you could try: soccer, baseball, volleyball, karate, yoga, running, swimming, running bicycle, boxing, etc. Try them all!


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nature month

I think you should go out everyday but if you don't this is a good moment to try it. Go out everyday! Visit a forest near you, a lake, or even your backyard.

You don't need to change your daily routine to do this challenge, the only thing you need to do is to bring your stuff out and do your things in the outside. If you can't, at least open your windows and doors and feel the outside air.

Don't forget to think by yourself, if its raining close the door! Unless you are like me and love to go dancing in the rain!


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independence month

This month you are on your own. Try not to buy food, cook it by your own. Try not to ask anything, if you can do it on your own, do it on your own. This way I learned how to change the car's wheel and to clean its battery. This could bring you the opportunity to learn things like this and to become more independent.

Obviously, if you think you actually can't do it, don't risk your life or the one of another person, you can make the exception.


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no social media month

Turn off all your social media! No Facebook, no Instagram, no Snapchat. This could be really hard to some... that is why this is called a challenge! Communicate through calls or through face to face conversations. You will discover a whole new world! Use this as an excuse to meet that guy you are talking to ;)


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no candy month

I just finished this challenge and for me its been the hardest. No candy for a whole month! Still, this is good for your health. If you can't quit to candy for your whole life like me, do it for a whole month!


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no pizza month

No pizza for a whole month, but hey, at least you have candy. A whole month without what you love may help you appreciate it more.


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gratitude month

Everyday you will think of something you are thankful for. Say thank you to the one around you that have done something for you!


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this is your month

Do whatever you want this month. Establish your own challenge!

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with love,
Natalia Cristina