you said you will never leave.

but you did. you left me and never looked back.

you said you will always love me.

love is supposed to be the greatest thing ever. but you told me i was your biggest regret.

you said i'm the love of your life.

you don't leave the love of your life.

you said you will always be here for me

how can you be here for me when you can't even look at me?

you said you'd be a mess if we ever broke up.

but you're better than ever.

you said we can't lie to each other.

but your love for me is all a painful, goddamn of a lie.

you said i was perfect.

but you used all of my flaws against me.
here's the thing, i felt our love was real. it wasn't a lie. it was real but what happened? what happened? i guess i'll never know.
i guess i'll never know why my greatest love ended.