What is the most importnat nowdays when we speak about successful and of course happy woman? Independece...Never let anyone to rule your life but you, listen their advice but follow your way, make your own plans. What could be better than to see a woman, paying her bills, having her own car, job, flat, having her own money, studying and learning more, and minding her own business? Who has no time to talk around or waste her time, because there are more important things in life waiting for her.

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What is an independen woman? She can command a room when she walks in and catch the attention without seeking it. She knows what she wants and will move the world to get it! She has her own view, ideas, plans, thoguths that she is not afraid to express and show it to others, because she stands behind everything she does! She is so powerful that she is able to conquer the world with her mind!

1. She is the leader, she takes decisions.
She leads all she imagines, takes all decisions by herself, and doesn't let others to tell her what should be done or not. She cares about what her heart is telling her to do.

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2. She is doing all by herself.
She is not waiting for someone else to manage or do her work, she is never too lazy for her duties and responsibilities.

3. For her complaining is wasting the time.
To speak around, complain for her are wasted words.

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4. She is telling the truth and doesn't make things beautiful, just says it as it is!
There is no point to make things more beautiful than it actually is, better to hurt with the truth than to make you smile with lies, that is her thoguht!

5. She has confidence and attitude.
The most important thing for an independent woman, to have all confidence and attitude to say and do what she wants, and to stand for it! To protect her ideas, thoughts, and believes in herself!

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6. She depends on herself, and has her own back.
She doesn't wait for someone to hold her, she is the queen that stands in front of everyone and holds her own back.

7. She makes her dreams and goals happen.
With hard working, hustle, waking up early, giving her best, not giving up, trying she makes all work!

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8. She takes the risks, and is never scared to fail!
There is no point to be scared of failing, it is more scary to see yourself 20 years after with regret of not trying the things you could.

9. She invests in herself.
Her money, she invests in herself, she never takes anything from anyone because like that she will allow others to control her. Their money, her pressure! So better to smartly handle her own wallet!

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10. She encourages herself.
She knows that she is smart enough, special, and different so she could do everything she believes in! No need for someone to support her, because she knows her own worth and possibilities.

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Be like her, be that independent woman who wins the world! Show to the world that ur plans and dreams could happen, that u are special and can do it! That you trust in yourself.
Kisses for everyone, be independent, classy and bossy.

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