I just saw some Harry Styles's pictures and my 16-year-old me came out (well, not that she has ever really left me...) , that girl fully, crazy, deeply in love with the most amazing human being in the world .

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The first time I saw the guys I remember I was like "What? These are the guys every teenager is in love with? Really?" and I didn't really like them.
I mean, they were pretty good singers, and quite nice guys, and nothing else.
Then I started to watch the video diaries, and I truly fell in love with them, the peculiarities and the style and the way they speak and the behaviour and the attitude of each of them.

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But when I hear Harry's laugh…Well, I feel like I'm in paradise!
And day by day I started falling for his hair, for his tattoos, for his dimples, for his cute smile and weird laugh, and for his eyes (not in this order).

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When I fell for his eyes I knew it was over, that he was, and would have been, my weakness forever.

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I know I'm a little bit old to fangirl on an impossible crush but shh, I know someday he'll understand he is madly in love with me and we'll get married (of course we're going to invite all of you at the wedding!)

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he's smiling at me and waiting for me to join him!

Lots of Love as always!
Erica xx