Okay, I just want to write about my feelings right now. I moved out of the country for 10 months then came back and started liking my ex again... I no.

Now a bit of backstory lets call my ex Santa because it is near Christmas so. I & Santa were together not that long then he broke up with me clicks for me cause I didn't cry yes I know shocking, so he proper aired me to the world after and definitely let everyone know we broke up. Next day he asked to get back with me and me being a stuck up sis I said No and I never for one-second regret it. okay so after that we fought all the time in school all the time literally we could fight over a word I swear it was kinda fun. so now after going away for 10 months, I come back.

Now were cool it reminds me of why I liked him in the first place and the feeling I get talking to him is unimaginable I love every second and I just I never want to give it up every its just now I want to be with him again and I'm out straight so I had to ask if he, still thought we could have a chance and he literally said he thins we are fine as we are but I just feel like we are so perfect for each other I just want him to know I'm always here and I've got his back and I'm here as friend but at the same time I still want to him to know I very much like him as I did before and I think we should go back to that but he doesn't want to and when I see him angry in school it makes sad that I can't be there like used to and hug him and squeeze him so tight also I'm taller than him so imagine that hahahahah no but I dont care tho I like him the way he is <3