Today is Monday. The previous week was challenging, I've been struggling with myself. Who I am as a person. Who I want to be. My looks. My sexuality. My personality. I could go on and on.
I'm bothered by myself, there's so many things I desperately wish I could change.
But, I am the way I am.
I am my weight. I am my looks. I am my loud voice. I am my rather socially selective personality. I am my struggles. I am my sadness. I am my failures. I am my successes. I am my lack of motivation. I am me.
There's things I can (and will) change. But at the end of the day i really am just me. i was made to have this personality, this life, these looks and so on.
I want to change the way I see myself. I'm in a constant battle with myself about myself.
I want to be confident In the way I look, talk, and act. My sexuality is something to be proud of. I should be proud of who I am.
I want to sit in front of a mirror and pick out all the good things about myself. because there are so many good things about myself.
i'ts okay to have squishy thighs and a pudgy tummy,
its okay to be tall or short. blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, black eyes, hazel eyes etc. are all beautiful. all hair is beautiful. all skin tones are beautiful. all religions, nationalities, and sexualities are okay and beautiful. whoever you are or whoever you want to be is okay and beautiful.
I want to love myself fiercely with my whole heart. I want to accept my flaws, failures and issues while still seeing all the wonderful things about myself. my victories and successes are something to celebrate. i understand i will have bad days where i hate every part of myself, but everyone has bad days, i accept that and i understand that.
i am beautiful. i am worthy. i am loved.
i am me.fiercely, unapologetically me.