tae had to leave school before lunch so Audrey gave him her apartment password so that when he finishes his work he enters and wait for her to come back from her part-time job. Now she feels lonely
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au *it's so lonely when tae isn't around, even if I have to work I can't...
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Au *that man is here since a long time... well it seems he's liking... I think I saw him before... good thing let's help him :))
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Rm: jk and tae are sadder than usual

Jm: hahahahha
Jk+tae: we're sorry...
Tae: I was thinking of a possible title.... hug me.... I have some lyrics on my mind and jhope would be perfect for the rap part
Jh: sure we can work on it after
Rm: so you're talking about love
Tae: yeah sweet love
Suga: good now let's think about connecting it to out new concept

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Bts: thanks for the good work, let's go on like this
Tae *now that I finished I'll buy a pizza and wait for dree in her apartment to surprise her :))

Tae *oh it's 21:15 pm but she's not home yet and she doesn't answer her phone, so strange....

in the meantime

Au *ah it's 21 pm I'll run home in 15 minutes

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Au *that's strange the man from before is going in the same direction as me....
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she stop walking, the problem is the also stops and when she turns he looks at her and starts walking again toward her. That was the moment she understood she was in danger.
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To be continued....