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It's finally autumn and I'm back with another article! I made a similar article almost one year ago and you guys really liked it, I thought I'd make a part two but with a twist. Instead of writing what to do over the winter break I'll be writing what to do in the fall. Enjoy!


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Now this may sound boring. But if you have a good book, some blankets and a cup of tea or hot chocolate then it's the perfect thing to do on a rainy day. You'll get all cozied up and get lost in the world of books.


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Every fall I decorate my room to get the right vibe for the up coming season, and it's a plus if you love decorating. Don't forget the fairy lights!


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I mentioned this in the previous article too but almost everyone I know loves baking. Try baking something you haven't baked before or to the original pumpkin pie or cinnamon rolls.


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You gotta wear sweaters. Sweaters are literally made for this and only this season. Go, go right now and put on a sweater. Bonus, they are really comfy and you can match them with any clothing.


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Put on your coziest clothes, bring your pet or friend and go on a small adventure. Visit the most peaceful place you can find and enjoy the beautiful season.


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For this halloween put on your scariest costume, take your candy bag, go outside and go trick or treating!! Go with your friends and make crazy memories, don't forget to egg someone's house.


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You have to carve and design your own pumpkin, it's really funny and messy...but more funny. Do it with your family or friends, compete who can make the scariest pumpkin under one hour!!


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Throw everything aside. Make or buy your favorite snacks, bring out the best horror and halloween disney movies, have your own special halloween movie marathon.

That's all for this fall, I hope these ideas helped you and made your autumn planed out. Enjoy the cold weather and the up coming halloween!

Love yourself, love myself, peace!

- A

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