Hi! I know i haven´t written an article in like a million years but today im back! And... with part 2 of this challenge, hope you all enjoy!

25). Hugs or kisses?
Hugs!! A 1000 times hugs, i love hugs!

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26). Tan or pale?
Im a ginger so i dont get tanned and although i like how "tanned" looks on people i love being pale!

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27). Comedy or mystery?
Comedy of course!

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28). Silver or gold?
Silver, specially in rings and bracelets. I love the way silver goes with my pale skin

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29). Dancing or singing?
Ugh i love both but i guess... singing. Im a little bit better at singing too

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30). Board games or video games?
Board games, im a 90s kid

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31). Baseball or basketball?
Baseball! Fave sport

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32). Crushed ice or cube ice?
Cube ice

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33). Bracelet or necklace?
Bracelets. I like necklaces but im not used to wearing them

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34). Fruits or vegetables?
Im not used to having and eating fruits all the time so i guess vegetables, i love vegetables

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35). Tattoos or piercings?
Tattoos, i dont have any and i dont like the very much but i HATE piercings

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36). Laptop or desktop?
Laptop, much more comfortable

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37). Numbers or letters?
Letters, i hate maths (and numbers in general) with my life

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38). Money or fame?
Money! No one bothers you because no one knows you and you can live comfortably and with peace of mind about rent and that stuff...

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39). Snakes or sharks?
Ugh no please dont ask me this, i hate both so much i cant even decide!! Though i guess i would choose sharks because they are only in the water and snakes are everywhere

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40). Orange juice or apple juice?
Orange juice baby

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41). Pen or pencil?

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42). Slacker or over-achiever?
Slacker slacker slacker, until i really have motivation and i get a 1000 things done in an hour

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43). Multiple choice questions or essay questions?
Multiple choice, much more easier

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44). Grammys or Oscars?

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45). Adventurous or cautious?
Catious, sometimes i wish i was more adventurous but i actually like the way i am

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46). Saver or spender?

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47). Glasses or contacts?
Glasses. I got tired of using mine and i dont like them, but i like sunglasses or cool, aesthetic glasses haha

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48). Classic or modern?
It depends; I own and wear more classic clothes, but for houses i prefer modern

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