Day 21: Write about your passions

Day 21 and I now have to scrape my brain to discover the things I am most passionate about. Also, I took a day off yesterday to spend it with my family, but I may just start taking Sunday's off and not post at all on Sunday's. So anyways, I will now tell you about three of my passions.

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I know for a fact that I have said this multiple times, and I know that I can be very repetitive; however, I will say it once more, Music is my passion. I love it. It is an escape from reality. It is a home away from home. It is a safe haven. Music is one of the best things that is on this world, change my mind.

I listen to many different genres, depending on my mood, and I will listen to them on a daily basis. I start my mornings listening to at least an hour of music and end my day listening to at least two hours of music- I get carried away at night. Music is the one thing that I can have 24/7 and not get tired of. Music is the one thing that 100% of the time will make me feel better no matter the situation.

I used to only listen to music based on albums, meaning I would listen to an album and then another one when I finished that one and then to another and so on; however, now I am getting into Playlists and make a new one every month, but I'm thinking of making different mood playlists or something,I don't know, but what I am saying is music is my passion.

Okay, I'll move on.

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I have a love-hate relationship with writing, as many do. I have written for as long as I can remember. In Elementary school, I would write the best responses to homework that my teacher would crack up as she graded them. Every week, we had vocabulary words, and we would have to make sentences using them. Every week, my teacher would praise my writing when reading mine. In middle school, we had to write multiple stories during the year, to lead up to the end of the year state test. This was when my writing started to dwindle because I was being forced to write and I was given guidelines to follow. They started putting a grade on it and stopped giving constructive criticism, so my writing started becoming a chore to me and I stopped. By the time I reached High school, I hadn't written a single thing in nearly four years, and still wasn't.

I lost the drive I once had to write and share my emotions in words. I lost my imagination that was once so vivid and active that I was spewing creative writing.

Now I am trying to get it all back. I have to start reading more and writing more, and I have to start wanting to share my feelings in the form of words. I have to retrain my brain to think in the creative way it used to. I don't know if I can, but I am giving it my best effort because despite it all, Writing is my passion.

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Being Happy

Recently, I have shared my thoughts on being happy and what happiness means, and now I may contradict myself, but hear me out. My passion is to be happy. This means, I want to be happy. Keeping my happiness post in mind, I desire to fill my live with the people and the places that will constantly fill me with the feeling of happiness, nearly all of the time.

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