Dear eating disorder

I’m tired
Of hearing you

I’m tired
Of you making me
check my entire body
To see if any of the thickness around my limbs
Has gone away
Sense the last time I checked

I’m tired
Of eating with my family
To just go straight to the bathroom
To erase the calories
I had just consumed

I want to eat
without feeling guilty
I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror
And not point out all my flaws
I want to be able to look at myself
And think I’m beautiful
I want you to leave
And never come back

But that’s not going to happen
At least for awhile
Because you are here
Trapping me in this hell hole
With almost no way to get out


-Hey everyone if you ever need to talk to anyone about anything I am here for all of you! I promise that whatever it is i will try to help you get through it.
~Phoebe :)