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You all liked my part I. of Watch this on Netflix, thank you for that, I really appreciate it. So I did split this into two parts because otherwise, it will be too long, so I hope you like these shows here too. <3
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something for the thinkers

  • The OA

or better the philosopher bc this end is strange and you don't get it so a second season definitely needed, well-done series anyway. Good actors who are well chosen and give you a feeling that they are pretty normal guys.

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The new horror

  • scream

Yes, the one who is looking like the one from the scary movie. But this series is actually good and a nice tip even when they kill people you really love with the time. The best moment for me was when I thought at the end of the first season that I know who the killer was but it turned out that I was wrong. Partly it was like: doesn't make any sense, but at the end, it wasn't a bad horror series and better than the old movie.

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A SciFi Crime

  • Expanse

A SciFic adventure turns fast into a crime and a mystery must be solved. Even first when no one knows what this mystery is. A war is coming and so much more, this skips nothing for a good space series. It has so much potential.
Good story and definetely something for SciFi fans.

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The normal Crime

  • Elite

With some familiar faces from the other Spanish production La casa de papel. Too much sex and schemings for a teenager drama crime series for my opinion. But they outline the full range of society and it's variety. You really think till the end that every single one of them could be the murderer.
And look at this cast, there is definitely someone for everyone.

Here is part one:

If you watched one of this shows and you love them as I do, I really like to discuss it with u <3 :P

Thank you guys you are all amazing hope you like this watch out all the pictures in my special collection 💕

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