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I'm back with a part two for this article! The first did quite well so I'm guessing this is something people are interested in :)

Romeo + Juliet

This the 1996 version, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. It's a modern adaption set in 90s gangland LA and it's truly something else.

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Los Angelos, California

Call me by your name

Set in Italy in the 80s, and not gonna lie, made me want to move there for the entire summer. Everything aspect of this movie is genuinely beautiful.

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Lodigiano, Italy


This is definitely my favourite movie (or at least in the top three). It's amazingly shot, the actors are incredibly talented, especially considering the noticeable lack of dialogue in many scenes. It is certainly a movie where you find yourself rooting for the characters.

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Dunkirk, France


Following Ladybird as she tackles her last year of high school in Sacramento, 2002, this film has both a beautiful storyline and setting.

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Sacramento, California