Basic info

Name: Damon Moore
Nickname: -
Birthday: February 18th
Blood status: Pureblood


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Damon's parents were both death eaters and also sentenced for life in Azkaban. The boy didn't like the fact that his parents were criminals but he mostly used that fact so everyone would be afraid of him. He grew with his aunt and uncle who raised him like their own child.


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Damon is a broken boy but doesn't like to show it. Most of the time he is arrogant towards everyone and uses his parent's fame to scare everybody away. He only cares about himself or at least that's what he shows to everyone and sleeps with another girl every night. Damon gets into a lot of fight because he can't control his anger. Deep inside though he is soft and would make you feel unique and loved.


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Firwood with a phoenix feather core, 13" and quite bendy flexibility


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His Patronus is a Lynx Cat


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Damon's got an owl named Bill

Favourite classes

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Favourite Spells

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Favourite Places

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Astronomy Tower and the forbidden forest


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Quidditch Position

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He plays as a chaser.

Yule Ball

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Love interest

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Iris Peters