Hey sweeties!!
I have seen a lots of princess aesthetics but never with villains.
This one was actually my idea so I really hope you like it!!
Have fun!!

Evil Queen

dark, Queen, and black image apple and snow white image
mirror, creepy, and hand image forest, green, and nature image
"Mirror Mirror on the wall"


Image by estoni_elena Angelina Jolie, story, and maleficent image disney, princess, and quotes image dragon, black and white, and fantasy image
"Tall, dark and malicious are just part of my charm"


lion and art image lion, animal, and black and white image lion, triangle, and cool image lion and animal image
"Im surrounded by idiots"


octopus, tentacles, and ocean image ariel, disney, and fairy tale image storm, lightning, and nature image black, aesthetic, and dark image


boy, rose, and neels visser image Image removed Image by la boots, shoes, and black image
"No one's slick as Gaston"


the Princess and the frog, face character, and disney park image cosplay, disney, and etsy image autumn, fall, and forest image tarot, aesthetic, and witch image
"I´ve got friends on the other side"


Image removed castle, disney, and tangled image flowers, aesthetic, and nature image Image removed
" Mother knows best"

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