hey guys! the spooky season is upon us and I took it upon myself to select the perfect horror movie for each of you, based on your zodiac sign. some of these films are scarier than others, so beware, I recommend not watching these alone!

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♡♡ so call your friends, grab a few blankets, some spooky themed snacks and dim the lights! ♡♡

aries - carrie
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calling all aries! carrie is a movie about a shy and reserved high school student that not only suffers from bullying, but she has a strict neurotic mother that makes her life ten times harder. but she has a secret, Carrie has a supernatural ability that she’s been hiding from everyone. there's actually a few Carrie adaptations and they're all great!
taurus - coraline
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while many may argue with me, I personally find Coraline to be quite creepy and terrifying. honestly, this movie will definitely keep Taurus on the edge of their seat. coralline is a little girl who just moved to an unsettling new house. being the curious kid she is, our protagonist opens a door, transporting her to a new world.
gemini - orphan
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Geminis are oddly known for being two-faced, which is the exact vibe of this creepy and somewhat uncomfortable movie. it's all about a couple, who are suffering the loss of their kid. when trying to rebuild their lives, they feel strangely attracted to a young orphan and decide to adopt her. (also includes a plot twist which is a bonus ++)
cancer - it
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whether u watch the older one or the newest one, Stephen King's IT is an amazing movie. unless you are utterly terrified of clowns, I personally think this movie is one of the least scary of the bunch. so if you're a horror amateur, then this is the film for you
leo - the nun
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I just saw this movie with my friends and it was great. if you've seen the conjuring 2, then you will recognize the character of valak, who this movie is centered around. and not only will this movie give u the spooks, but the cinematography is amazing.
virgo - halloween (1978)
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this movie is actually a part of the Halloween series and the newest one is coming to theaters soon. halloween is about Michael Myers, a serial killer who goes after babysitters on the night of October 31st. this one is a horror classic, I definitely recommend it.
libra - paranormal activity
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I've actually never seen this movie because the paranormal literally scares me to death. but this movie is apparently one of the scariest there is, so 5 scares out of 5. this film is also the first of many, so if you enjoyed it, there's more of where that came from!
scorpio - saw
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saw is a movie with a crazy plot: two men wake up chained to a wall, with no memory of how they got there. even though they don't know each other, what they do know is that they have exactly 8 hours to kill the other or they both die. also a classic, definitely recommend
sagittarius - get out
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winner of an Oscar, it's no secret that this film is amazing. while it is not necessarily a horror movie, it's a thriller that will take you on a wild ride. when Chris goes to meet his girlfriend's family, he quickly realizes that there's something VERY disturbing going on.
capricorn - scream
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what. a. classic. scream is a must watch and you will not regret it. I have yet to watch it, but I only hear great things and it's a the top of my to-watch list. this film is about a girl who is being terrorized by a killer's game, that's ironically all about horror movies.
aquarius - split
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this thriller is centered around the dissociative personality disorder. it may not be categorized as horror but the suspense will give you the same adrenaline rush as any other scary movie. it has an incredibly fascinating plot that is different from anything I've ever seen.
pisces - the shining
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and last but not least, the shining. psychological horror is the best type of horror, which is why this movie is such a masterpiece. also a horror classic, this movie is a definite must-watch. it's almost three hours long, so grab your popcorn and buckle up for a ride.

thanks for reading this article, I hope you guys watch some of these!

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