Basic info

Name: Iris Alexandria Peters
Nicknames: Ira [ (Ir)is + (A)lexandria) ]
Birthday: July 2nd
Blood Status: Muggle-born


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Iris lives with her muggle parents and wizard brother. Her mother is a really sweet and kind woman, very friendly and talkative who works as a doctor in the muggle world. Her father is also a kind man but doesn't really talks much and works as a lawyer. They are both happy to have two kids in the wizarding world. Iris' brother is 2 years older than her and a complete opposite of her but they love and help each other all the time.


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Normally she is a sweet and caring girl who talks a lot. She can be really sarcastic and rude if someone messes with her but she's also sensitive and very emotional, that's why she cries a lot. When she's sad or haσ problems going around Ira likes to keep them to herself. Sometimes she can be really careless and do dumb things without thinking. Iris also can't control her temper if you push her too much.


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Iris was sorted into Gryffindor like her brother.


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Sycamore wood with a Dragon Heartstring core 14" and Reasonably Supple flexibility


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A Bassett Hound


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A brown owl named Charles

Favourite classes

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Favourite spells

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Favourite places

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Gryffindor common room and the bridge outside of the castle


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Quidditch position

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One of the Gryffindor's teams chasers.

Yule Ball

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Love interest

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Damon Moore, the Slytherin boy.