hey guys,
it's finally october - gosh I'm so excited for fall season - favourite time of the year...
I read so many fall essential articles lately that I decided to write my one. So here we go

1. Sweaters

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Absolutely one of my faves. Just cuddle up in a cute and cozy sweater looking like a fashionable potato is so fall-y.

2. Blankets

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Become a wrap with a blanket and join my wrap society.

3. tea or coffee

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Cozy up with a tea or a coffe in the mornings and evenings (superior tea in the evenings..) and enjoy the warm feeling inside.

4. Harry Potter

autumn, fall, and harry potter image autumn, harry potter, and fall image
Literally the most fall-y book or film serie. A movie night only watching Harry Potter is the highest point on my current bucketlist...

5. books

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No matter if it's Harry Potter or not - just sit down with a good book and find yourself in another universe. Escape reality.

6. Indie music

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Go on Spotify or YouTube and just listen to a fall indie playlist. It's so beautiful and relaxing.

7. scented candles

autumn, candle, and fall image aesthetic, autumn, and pumpkin image
What's your favourite fall candle?

8. Netflix

fruit, netflix, and strawberry image Halloween, fall, and autumn image
Honestly - who does not love Netflix? My recommendations: Orphan Black, The Last Kingdom

9. Fairylights

autumn, Halloween, and fall image room, bed, and bedroom image
Just an essential for the perfect fall movie night.

10. cookies

Halloween, Cookies, and fall image autumn, Cookies, and fall image
Baking is a great idea when weather's playing against you. I love baking my favourite vegan chocolat chip cookies...

So thats it for today..
Stay sweet. Stay spookey. <3