ghost : have you ever seen a psychic?

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No, I haven't.

witch : do you believe in heaven?

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Yes, I do.

black cat : favorite urban legend?

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50% bloody mary and 50% the monster under the bed. I know they don't exist but I am utterly scared of them. Especially the second one :P

bats : are you superstitious?

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Yes, I am

coffin : have you ever had a paranormal experience?

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No, but I would like to have one!

cauldron : strangest dream (or nightmare) youโ€™ve had?

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It was a nightmare: I was on a very high bridge and I had to cross it with the 99% risk of falling and drawning into a sea storm.

wizard : do you believe in aliens?

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I want to believe!!!

enchanted : what fictional character scares you most?

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Micheal Myers!!! I am terrified.

haunt : do you believe in haunted objects?

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Yes, I believe in some sort of electromagnetic fields that still haunt objects.

spells : do you believe in magic?

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Yes because magic is in everything, even in a hug.

graveyard : do you believe any conspiracy theories? if so, which ones?

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I particularly like the story of the well known alien Roswell. I think usa is hiding us a lot of crucial informations (cough the truth cough).

potion : favorite horror movie?

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I don't have one because I don't really like horror movies.

full moon : do you believe in reincarnation?

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no but that would be cool. To live a completely different life

vampire : are you afraid of death?

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who doesn't?

pumpkin : do you believe in ghosts?

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skeleton : what is your biggest fear?

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Drawning. (Because I was experiencing it. I owe my life to a lifeguard)

ouija : have you ever played with a ouija board?

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No, but I really want to!!

fangs : favorite poem?

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I love Charles Baudelaire's poems.

Hope you liked this Halloween themed asks! Let me know if you do it too, I am curious!