I love fall! I love the leaves and crisp air and cooking smells and cozying up with a good book!! Here's a short collection of everything I want to cook/bake right now because I love me my goodies!!!


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There's so many kinds of brownies and so much you can do with them!! Chewy, moist, lovely bars of chocolate goodness!! Warm burnt sugar and vanilla apple blondies! Chocolate chip, dark chocolate raspberry brownies, fudge, red velvet, Black Forest, and cheesecake brownies!! Pumpkin brownies! Oreo brownies (though I hate oreos) UGH! SO good!!!! … I might be slightly PMSy right now, I need chocolate everything


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I want all kinds of pie! I especially want to try my hand at making a proper cherry pie, I love cherries, and I hate pie filling from a can, it's all corn syrup and preserved flavorless gunk. I want proper fruits and meat pie! I wanna make mincemeat pie (Which is actually a mostly fruit pie, traditionally there's lard and ground meat boiled down with apples, currant, raisins, brandy and spices, but I always liked my gran's recipe better - her's was vegetarian). I need more pie in my life.


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They're just so comforting and wholesome and nice!! A fresh, warm, buttery muffin, or even without butter, they make me very happy! I hate the one's that are covered in sugar, they don't need it, I need it, it ruins the flavor of the bake (Or it's trying to cover up something!) and I then have to discard the muffin top, which as we all know is the best part! I love blueberry and chocolate chip and coffee cake muffins (Coffee cake are the only one's that need a streusel topping with cinnamon sugar, that's what they're all about!) I personally love banana nut, blueberry, double chocolate, and especially pumpkin muffins. Muffins just shouldn't be treated like cupcakes, they are two very different creatures.

Chocolate chip cookies!

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MMMMMmmmmmM! Can't go wrong with the classics! I love doucle chocolate chip, and dark chocolate with andes candies in them, I love crème de menthe and chocolate!

Apple tarts!!*

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I love baking apple things, it's something that makes me think of the happiest moments of my childhood. I haven't yet gotten to do many if any tarts in my 15 years of baking (I have been baking since I was 8, but started helping my mum when I was 5). Tarts are just so pretty and creative, you can use marzipan or custard, frangipane, I don't know, I've been watching a lot of Great British Baking Show LOL.

Biscuits!! (Like scones, without fruit, for all my UK and EU loves)

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Oh my god, I haven't biscuits in over a year, and it is killing me!!! I grew up in New England, and my mums recipes for biscuits has always been better than any one else's I have eaten (Buttermilk is disgusting, don't let anyone fool you!) WE used biscuits for shortcakes and sandwiches and sides and comfort and made them into even lovelier things!!!! (Biscuits and gravy, also, gross as hell, it's not gravy, it's bacon grease and boiled cream/milk, is disgusting!!!)


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I love scones!!!! I can't leave them out!! They are like a biscuit and a muffin had a baby and it's glorious!! (Course now it's a morbid thought of eating something's baby... damnit...) Lovely, warm, hearty, fluffy, filling, buttery, heavenly mounds of pure joy, with a cup of tea or a coffee!!! OH MY GODS!!!! Cannot go wrong there!!


I have been making proper breads and quick breads since I was about 14-15, I love them, I think I still need a lot more practice with making them, just because my quick breads don't get the rise I'd like, but everything always ends up damn tasty anyway. Nothing better than the smell of fresh baked bread (and pies) to come home to on a chilly day. Baking bread is also how I learned to do braids as a little girl! LOL

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My birthday is in December, so I have some time, but I keep thinking I wanna bake acake for myself! My family has only done cakes for birthdays maybe...10 times in my whole life. not 10 of my birthday's 10 times for the whole lot of us. For my 12th or 13th birthday, my mum made me a chocolate lava cake!! It was awesome!! I think I wanna make dark chocolate with a crème de menthe frosting, or pumpkin with a chocolate ganache and frosting, or marble cake and chocolate icing! IDK! I want it all! haha!!
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well, I am starving now, and feel the greatest bloody need to go make a huge mess in my kitchen and try my hand at making some sort of biscuit-cakey-chocolate-wreckage of some sort. I hope you all enjoyed this lovely food rant of mine! LOL For some reason after I work out, all I can think of baked goods! Have a wonderful day my dears, I love you all!!