Hello beautiful hearters,
today I'll write about some autumn essentials we all need. I hope you like this article. Let's start.

#1 Umbrella
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Autumn is here so are rainy days, so umbrella is must have for everyone.You should always have umbrella in your bag, you never know when you may need it.

#2 Boots
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Boots aren't my favorite thing but we need them during autumn.

#3 Sweaters
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Sweaters are there to keep us warm during cold days and they're super cute.

#4 Coat
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Coats are also must have for autumn. They looks super pretty. I especially like them in nude or pink.

#5 Hot drinks
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Coffee, tea or hot chocolate you decide. I like them all. There isn't nothing better then hot drink on cold day.

#6 Red lipstick
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Red lipstick is IN this autumn. You can choose between brighter or darker shade of red. You won't be wrong whatever shade you choose.

#7 Candles
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Choose your favorite autumn scented candle. It will make your room look cuter and also cozy, plus it smells good.

#8 Pumpkins
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During the autumn pumpkins are everywhere. You can use them for decoration, carve them or enjoy in pumpkin spiced food,

#9 Books
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I love to read books all year long. In autumn I like to read more mysterious and scary books.

#10 Blanket
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During this colder days I always have cozy blanket near me, so should you. They will keep you warm and cozy.

That would be it for this one,I hope you like it. See you soon.

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