I haven't.
Not yet.
I'm seventeen years old, and most people my age would tell you that they've had at least five boyfriends in their life. I've had one. His name was Conner, and we were in Seventh Grade.
It only lasted a few months, but at the time, I had completely fallen for him. Looking back, I wish I would have realized all the signs that the relationship was ending, and that it wasn't working. We were children, after all.
I've never kissed anyone, and I've only held hands with two people. Friends, and two "considered love interests". One was as a joke, (if that tells you anything about my love life) and the second was at camp in Eighth Grade. The past few years, I had sworn off dating. I knew no one wanted to date me anyway. I acted like I didn't understand the reason for a relationship, or a silly "boyfriend", but inside, I knew that I wanted someone to share things with, and experience things with, that I couldn't exactly do with my Best Friend. To make matters worse, I realized this year that I am in fact, partially gay. I can date any gender I want, and I'm still alone. (((':
I may or may not actually have a crush in my life now.
We met through a mutual friend, and haven't talked much, but he actually acts like he enjoys the times that we do talk, and I as of yesterday, have his number. I'll keep you guys posted, but I doubt it will happen. He told me that he likes my Best Friend, so that's great. That's my luck, but for some odd reason, I'm still falling for him.
Anyways, that's my tea for the day. I'll keep you guys posted, but for now, just know that you don't have to have a S/O in your life right at this moment. I'm speaking mostly to myself, but I know some of you guys need to hear it.
Love ya!