Hey guys! Nice to see you!

So I found this picture on we heart it:

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And you see, that the person who made this picture showed only positive things about the world, that happens everyday.

Everyday we see in the news all the bad things that happens around the world, and I mean, of course it's important to get informed about all this stuff, but we're giving our attention everyday to the idiots in the world.. but why?

I mean, there are so many people who do good things everyday, why we don't give them the attention they deserve?

It's not just in the news, it's in our everyday lives. Most of us, maybe you, who is reading this article at the moment, and me, and a lot more people around us focus everyday on the bad things, on the bad people and the bad situations that happened to them. But like the idiots in TV, the bad things don't deserve our attention, our time.
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I think most people know a star, a youtuber, an idol or whatever, who they don't like. Let's make an example and call a fictional popstar "xy". You don't like xy, so you don't hear his music, you don't watch his youtube videos, you don't follow his social media accounts, right? You just don't care about him.

You care about your favorite stars, your idols, your friends, because you know it's good for you. So why we focus on the bad stuff in our private life, and not on the good stuff? Because you know, and I know, and everyone knows, that it won't help to be worried or scared or angry of some people or situations, and we know that all of us have some good things in their life, and no matter how much or less it is, just focus on that.

The star xy doesn't care what you think about him, he has enough fans and money. So you just leave him alone. The bad memories and people in your life just don't care about you, too. But the good things does! Maybe your family, your friends, your pets or whoever.

Maybe you think there aren't good people in your life that care about you, then just focus on your goals, get that good grades, get your dream job, build the life you want, to have a great future someday.

Don't be scared to walk alone. Don't be scared to like it.
-John Mayer
I know that you can do that, I can do that, everyone who reads this article (or not) can do that, the only thing you need is to focus on the good things that will help you to success.
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I decided to do in the coming weeks more of this stuff, like people who inspired me (not only idols, but teachers, family, random people), places, situations, memories that inspired me and everything else, where I think, that it deserves more attention.

So I actually don't planned to write an article today, but I saw this picture and I felt like to write another real talk article.
I hope it gave you some motivation, when you have questions, feedback or just want to talk to me, I'm always here for you all and love to hear from you!
Have a good day (or night, whenever you read this), stay safe and never give up!

I hope I'll see you on my next article! Bye!