Draw always I like it. The trends sometimes, above all, that one evoke previous trends, like a 90s, 80s, 70s... But a day I chosen desing clothes.

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I had desing a elegant dresses, eccentric blouses, jackets, pants and skirts, to my school, and I loved each one of it.
Embroider each material, pain it, cut it, is a very hard work but the final clothe motivate to me to continue this dream.

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The fashion illustration is very, very important is the previous of your final desing in this you should describe perfectly what you want.
I don't have the better fashion illustration, but I love practice my draw, and I dream that someday it will similar to this: (but with my style)

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And this is all for this article, I write to something most personal, but I hope that you like it.