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A year ago, I went to Ibiza, to be exact, to Ushuaïa Ibiza for seven days. Thinking back about it, it was such madness and kind of insane. Also, because I was sober the whole time when I was there. (For everyone who doesn’t know Ushuaïa; it is a party hotel, and you literally don’t have any quiet minute because there is always a party going on with the most famous DJs on earth.)

I have always been someone, who loves to go dancing and singing. Due to that, I don’t think that it is bad to go out very often. Especially when you still take all your responsibilities seriously and even can handle everything well in life.

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I never had the intention not to drink alcohol for such a long time like that, but I simply don’t need alcohol for having fun. Therefore, I could abstain from it easily. Moreover, I realised how many advantages I got out of it as well. So here is what happened to my body after taking a break from alcohol for 9 months.

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Even though I am someone who has a lot of energy, and sometimes I would say even too much of it, I always felt so tired during some specific hours. Whether it was a night of only four hours of sleep or...

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