I'm sure that there must be many people here who are tall! Well, let's see what struggles do they face with :)

  • You are in the back of every group photo
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  • Short skirts are really short on you
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  • People say: "Wow, you're really tall!" all the time
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  • "High heels? Are you sure?"
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  • Growing up, boys were always shorter than you
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  • Long-sleeved shirts magically turn into three-quater-lenght sleeves on you
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  • "You're so tall... What's the weather up like?" "The weather up like? Well... It's like the weather down there...."
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  • Most of the times you'll get hit by a few branches
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  • Sitting in the back seat is a struggle because your legs are too long
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  • "Is this a shirt or a dress?"
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  • When you abruptly turn around and hit a short person in the face with your elbow
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  • "Do you play basketball?"
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  • Will you ever stop growing?"
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