Hot dogs or hamburgers?

food and burger image food, burger, and delicious image
Hamburgers for sure

Pumkin pie or apple pie?

applepie, autumn, and cream image apple, desserts, and food image
I never had pumkin pie, so apple pie it is!

Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Fingers?

food, McDonalds, and yummy image food, chicken nuggets, and delicious image
Chicken nuggets. Can I order 20 please?

Tattoos or Piercings?

elephant, flowers, and tattoo image Abusive image
Both, but I rather have more tattoos than piercings.

Dyed Hair or Natural Colors?

hair, pink, and grunge image hair, girl, and pink image
Dyed, I love pastel colors.

Simpsons or Family Guy?

Image by Ксения Иванова beyoncé, family guy, and funny image
Family guy

Spongebob or Patrick?

cartoon, lol, and patrick star image holographic, patrick star, and wallpapers image

Xbox or PlayStation?

pink, game, and pastel image console, gamer, and playstation image
Playstation, if there's anyone else out there gaming.. feel free to add me: Demitrailleur

Car or Plane?

adventure, aesthetic, and lilac image airplane, flight, and view image
Plane, I love to see the world from above.

Hot Weather or Cold Weather?

beautiful, Sonne, and sun image summer, pool, and sea image
Hot weather

Spring or Fall?

calm, flowers, and paradise image autumn, photography, and photoshoot image
Spring, to make sure that the summer is coming.

Dog or Cat?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It dog, cute, and puppy image
Dogs, a lot

Hot chocolate or coffee?

atmosphere, autumn, and book image chocolate, winter, and coffee image
Hot chocolate, with topping

Day or night?

Image by Ninia Samxaradze aesthetic, rain, and night image
Night, I'm not a morningperson and the best moments are at night.

Chocolate or vanilla?

cream, drinks, and liquor image Image removed