I hate it when people who said i was the most amazing human being , just stopped talking to me . When they see me on the street they paint this amazing colourful mask with emotions like joy and excitement. They look at me like i got lost . Like the police was searching me for days , months, decades even- Like i was about to tell them how i got lost in this big city on my summer vacation , found a guy that i had obviously fallen in love with and i have been planning to travel the world with him. No particular adress and not a phone to reach out for me in case they wanted to talk. To talk about how her and her partner argue about the tinest of things or how i actually didn't feel depressed for once in 2 months. Yeah , this didn't happen. This will never happen. Not with these people. There is a reason that these people wear a mask. It is easier to express joy when you're not really happy. Yeah, you read that correctly. It is easier to mimic human emotions than actually feel them. News flash honey , everyone does this stuff once in a while, at least i have. A lot more than once but that is not the point. You know why i strongly dislike ths type of behavior? Because the motives behind it are neither clear nor pure. They talk to you so they can talk about it with your ex-friends group. To get close to sunlight. To get a little taste of what actually a beautiful soul means. A clean soul. A soul that has been walked over but always wishes the best to all of them. Cliche much, but it is true. These kind of people talk to you so that they can talk shit behind your back and pat themselves on the back for this huge accomplishment of theirs. To feel for a split second that they are enough for this world. Enough for you. Enough for their lonely soul. So, please cut off communication with people who want to mess with your heart and mind. If you feel enough for you , believe me love, you won't ever really need this type of person in your life. The truth is , I am this person to some people and i've been in this situation where people reached out to me and i let them in again . It sucked. And i hate that.

(Sorry for any mistakes)