Whatever I do in life, I do it wholeheartedly—especially love.

I think out of all things in this world, only love should never be mediocre.

That’s why, when I love, I give myself whole. I just don’t know how to love differently.

I love love. I love everything about love. I love the effort. I love the dedication. I love all those little moments and small things because they actually mean the whole world to me.

I don’t ask for much from love, but I also don’t settle for crumbs. And I will never mistake a relationship in which I’m the only one trying for love.

I’m ready to fight for love, but I also have enough self-respect to acknowledge that it’s not love when I’m the only one trying and I know when to walk away.

If I’m the only one making plans for us, then I don’t want to be a part of it.
It’s not love if I’m the only one putting effort into our relationship. It’s not love if I’m going an extra mile to make things work and you’re doing absolutely nothing.

I may try a few times, but if I see you’re not following, I’m giving up as well. Because the thing that kills me the most is to see myself going through thick and thin for someone who wouldn’t move a finger for me.

It’s not love if I’m ready to drop everything for you and you’re not ready to do the same for me.
If I’m ready to give up the things that are important to me and you’re not ready to do it as well, then what is it good for?

When I love, I often forget about myself. I forget about my needs and I forget about my goals.

I just neglect myself and I put the person I love on the top of my priority list. But I don’t want to be mistaken and put on a throne someone who doesn’t deserve to be there.

It’s not love if I feel vulnerable all the time.
In love, you often put your guard down expecting that the person you put your guard down for will actually be there to save you if something goes sideways. But what if the person that should protect you ends up being the one that actually breaks you?

Instead of protecting me, you make me feel like you’re the one who will be the first one to stab me right in the heart.

The ugly part is that I’d be ready to take a bullet for you when on the other hand, you’re the one who would have no problem pointing a gun towards me just so you could save yourself. I’m actually scared of loving you. And that’s so messed up.

It’s Not Love If I’m The Only One Trying

It’s not love if I feel like I have to tip-toe around you.
If I have to be a little less me, if I have to pay attention to how I behave in front of you or how I look, then it’ not true love.

And most definitely it’s not love if I have to apologize for everything, and around you, I feel like I’m guilty for even the smallest thing. Like I’m not good enough. Like no matter what I do it will never be good enough and that I can never make things right.

And making me feel at an all time low shouldn’t be something on your ‘to do’ list when you truly love someone.

It’s not love if I doubt it.
And I doubt it all the time.

Because if you really loved me, I’d be able to see it. There wouldn’t be a need from me to constantly question where I stand with you. Love should be unquestionable. It should be clear as a tear. And what you’re giving me is too fuzzy.

It’s not love if it feels like a battlefield.
Love should feel like safe haven, but yours doesn’t. It feels like a constant fight. It feels like I have to suffer first in order to have a moment of happiness. And something like this never leads to a happy ending. It only leads to heartbreak.

I’m one of those girls who’re ready to fight for love. I think love is the most amazing feeling in this world, but it’s not love if I’m the only one trying and it’s not worth it if I’m the only one giving it my all.