Who is the witch whose vibration seems to rise every time the first cool wind of October comes? She is the autumn witch, of course.


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She is constantly getting compliments about her clothing, to which she cheerfully replies, "Thanks! I got it from the thrift store!"

She is a lover of all things vintage and has a deep appreciation for style from past decades. Earthy tones with gold accents are her go to. Pile a scarf and a warm jacket on top and she's set to go.


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He's a little lazy and prefers to spend those frosty autumn days curled up in bed, but she wouldn't trade her little fox familiar for the world.


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While some shy away from these cold weather months, her coven is more active and outdoorsy than ever. In the day they like going for walks through the forest and collecting the most beautiful leaves and in the evening they gather around the fire to tell ghost stories (all of which they swear are true!)


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Her home is her cozy nest and it's where she brings all her favorite vintage finds back to. Be careful that you don't trip over her numerous trinkets!


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This is the season of fire magic and her altar is loaded with candles to embody that energy. She also can't help but bring in a few dried flowers and pine cones from her walks to surround her tarot cards.

Spells & Charms

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Autumn is the perfect time for reflection and letting go. Collect your favorite herbs and burn them while concentrating on your intentions.