space travel or time travel?

1983, alternative, and losangeles image Inspiring Image on We Heart It bad, girl, and glamour image glamour, glitter, and femme image
time travel

roses or wildflowers?

aesthetic, cool, and girly image black, flowers, and indie image flowers, red, and spring image rose and red image

rainy days or stormy nights?

gif, storm, and lightning image beach, dark, and depressed image Image removed cloudy, sky, and dark image
ugh stormy nights for sure I could write a whole article about how much I love night time, if you feel the same you can message me if you want because I kinda want to talk to someone about it haha ♡

swim in the sea or gaze at the stars?

travel, sea, and beach image beach and summer image Temporarily removed summer, friends, and shark image
swim in the sea

dragons or mermaids?

mermaid, yellow, and aesthetic image mermaids, água, and magic image girl, summer, and beach image girl, summer, and water image
here&context_type=collection mermaids

movie theatre or arcade?

1990, 90s, and city image Image removed girl, cinema, and popcorn image aesthetic, dark, and lights image
movie theatre

carousel or rollercoaster?

aesthetic, blue, and moon image funny, inspo, and live image amusementpark, fair, and lights image aesthetic, grey, and winner image
rollercoasters even though I'm a chicken haha

moonlight or candlelight?

moon, night, and sky image girl, moon, and night image moonlight image aesthetics, dark, and feed image
moonlight because, as I said before, I'm completely in love with the night time

coffee or tea?

white, coffee, and magazine image coffee, drink, and chanel image coffee, cafe, and cozy image coffee, drink, and tumblr image
yum, I luv iced coffe... sips tea

early bird or night owl?

adventure, china, and city image metlife, building, and city image city, light, and new york image Image removed
night owl, duh! not only do I love the night time but I also love city lights and my biggest goal in life is to move to new york (I wish I was in gossip girl haha)

okie done! I wanna do a 100 questions article now, hmm...

friendly reminder- you are stunning and loved!! ♡