Why does it have to be so hard to simply love yourself? Probably because we are living in an era where social media defines what´s beautiful and what´s not. It´s pretty messed up, huh?

We are taking beautiful pictures of ourselves and showing our best features. I mean, of course when you post pictures on the internet you want to look nice and pretty. For example most people see their Instagram profiles as a portfolio of their life. So that´s why there are only beautiful photos. I do this too and I'm very attentive about what I post on my Instagram.

But sometimes we forget all of this and start to compare ourselves to all those Instagram models and start to hate our bodies and appearance. This man named Steven Furtick once said: "The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." The pretty pictures we see daily in social media are just those. Pretty pictures. Usually they are not real life. Just remember this: Comparison will destroy you. It will take your valuable time and it will mess with your head.

I know it's pretty ironic for me to talk about this subject when I have only edited pictures on my Instagram profile and my feed is neat, but it's my way to express myself and it really is a form of art for me. I love to take photos and edit them. I'm just trying to remind you lovelies that my edited photos do not represent my daily life. There might be many ugly stories behind all of those beautiful pictures.

You are beautiful and gorgeous as you are, please don´t compare yourself to others.

Love and express yourself