Disclaimer: this is my first time writing an article, so I'm sorry if its bad. Also this is for me to let my feelings out not for other reasons.

My first true love,
I remember the first time we officially talked, it started with me pretending to be my friends cousin just to play a prank on you. After that my friend added you on my snapchat and we started talking. I tried not to talk to you so much because I thought I was so annoying. I remember how my friend got us to confess our feelings for each other. I don't remember much about our relationship but I do remember some bits and pieces. All the good times and the bad times. When we would always go to the movies or to the park. The time we ran in the rain or when we had that silly string war. I also remember most of our fights, those honestly sucked, I couldn't stand fighting with you. Our relationship was amazing you were my first true love how could it not be amazing, but as always all good things must come to an end.

At first I didn't notice it but then I started to, I saw how she also brought a smile to your face and would make you laugh the way I used to. I remember the day you told me that it was her and no longer me, that you wanted her, that you had feelings for her and no longer I. I felt my heart shatter when you told me, my world had stopped. All the promises just gone, everything was just over. Even after everything we remained friends, that was probably a mistake. We were there for each other through everything, well almost everything, we hung out at times. I guess I never truly got over you, I mean you are my first love you'll always have special place in my heart.

Getting back together with you was probably a mistake as well, but I know that if I didn't try one more time I would regret it. I'll love you always no matter what but I have to let you go so that I can find myself. If one day we run into each other, hopefully we can catch up and just talk like old friends.