So. Hi.

It´s been a while since ive posted something in here. Ive been busy, i guess. But now in an upcoming freetime i started feeling shitty.

19th century, beautiful, and dark image
a little art.

It´s so easy to forget i´m not depressed anymore and i think that´s because I´m always thinking, always comparing myself to other people.
Prettier people,
Smarter people,
Happier people.
But are they?
I mean, i should have some confidence in me... somewhere...

___ some
______ some
_______________ where?
______ where?

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A beautiful picture

We all have this thoughts from time to time, right? Is it just me?
No, it cannot be just me.
You´ve had this thoughts too, youre a human after all.
But, the way this feelings affect me just seem so different from everybody else
I am alone
No one understands my mind.
... Well, one person does and it´s not me. The person has a name, so pretty and perfect it fits so well in my mouth. A name you´d pronounce with surprised lips, but that´s for another story.

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souls are nakedd with clothes on.

But how do i feel about my soul? its 10X times better than a lot of people.

Because I am a good person

So i must be a narcissist.
i probably believe than im better than i really am.
i feel shitty about myself and about how i treat others.
I am a good person.
I´m just sad.

Are you?

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