okay so i just wrote an article dedicated to sad af songs so i'll link that at the bottom, but this is gonna be a fun list y'all. i've kinda drifted away from only listening to the spotify top 40 playlist, so while these are pretty "mainstream" artists, these songs are their less popular ones and i wanted to share them with you! anyway, these are like, my fav bops right now and i kinda went by thinking that i'd wanna dance to these songs. so have fun lookin through em!

charlie puth

this man... i literally love him so much. i saw him in concert in august and i mean i cried but it's fine lmao, anyway, his first album Nine Track Mind has some really good bops for sure, but he dropped his sophomore album Voicenotes back in May and ladies and gents he did not disappoint. also, he TECHNICALLY has another one called Ego that he recorded before he got signed to a record label and it's a mf masterpiece guys.legit. you can only find that one on youtube and soundcloud though. anyway here's my list of some real bangin ones.

1. Look At Me Now (Ego)
2. In the Dark (Ego)
3. Lights Go Out (Ego)
4. One Call Away (Nine Track Mind)
5. My Gospel (Nine Track Mind)
6. Suffer (Nine Track Mind)
7. Some Type of Love (Nine Track Mind)
8. The Way I Am (Voicenotes)
9. Attention (Voicenotes)
10. LA Girls (Voicenotes)
11. Done For Me (Voicenotes)
12. BOY (Voicenotes)
13. Slow It Down (Voicenotes)
14. Somebody Told Me (Voicenotes)
15. Empty Cups (Voicenotes)

why don't we

i just recently started listening to this band but i instantly fell in love with them. like, aside from their INSANE talent, they're freakin hilarious and i love them with all my heart. here are just a few of their bops:
1. Talk (8 Letters)
2. Choose (8 Letters)
3. Friends (8 Letters)
4. Hooked (8 Letters)
5. Trust Fund Baby (Trust Fund Baby)
6. These Girls (These Girls)
7. Invitation (Invitation)
8. Taking You (Invitation)
9. Something Different (Something Different)
10.Never Know (Something Different)
11.On My Way (Only The Beginning)

ariana grande

ariana's voice is incredible and i honestly really love her. her old and her new music is so good in my opinion, so here are some of her bops from each album:
1. Baby I (Yours Truly)
2. Lovin' It (Yours Truly)
3. Piano (Yours Truly)
4. The Way (Yours Truly)
5. Problem (My Everything)
6. Break Free (My Everything)
7. Break Your Heart Right Back (My Everything)
8. Focus (Focus)
9. Dangerous Woman (Dangerous Woman)
10. Be Alright (Dangerous Woman)
11. Into You (Dangerous Woman)
12. Greedy (Dangerous Woman)
13. Everyday (Dangerous Woman)
14. Bad Decisions (Dangerous Woman)
15. Touch It (Dangerous Woman)
16. blazed (sweetener)
17. R.E.M (sweetener)
18. successful (sweetener)
19. breathin (sweetener)


so these are just various artists with some hella good bops, ima just put them in one list tho
1. More (5 SOS)
2. Empty Wallets (5 SOS)
3. Let Me Go (Hailee Steinfeld)
4. Starving (Hailee Steinfeld)
5. Love Myself (Hailee Steinfeld)
6. Rock Bottom (Hailee Steinfeld)
7. My My My! (Troye Sivan)
8. Dance To This (Troye Sivan ft Ariana Grande)
9. Lucky Strike (Troye Sivan)

well, that's about it for now. i think next ima do an angry breakup playlist bc i have one and it kinda makes me laugh lol. but yeah, hope you found at least a few new songs here:)


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