characters from my personal original story about six friends surviving high school and dealing with the hardships of living in queens, new york during the 1970s

name: antonio "tony" luca velluto

birthdate: october 24th, 1956 - scorpio


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dark brown, green eyes, scratched up from being his brother's 24/7 back up, and a heart melting smile


rock and roll, rocknroll, and boy image aesthetic, jeans, and theme image boy and cigarette image film, guy, and indie image
jeans and t-shirts, very simply dressed like his brother - but you're wrong if you think they can't clean up well


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very emotional and passionate, but he hides it really well with a rough exterior. he also has a knack for school and it quite brilliant


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mario faught in the korean war, married rita when he returned to woodhaven, but they'd known each other since high school. they married and had three beautiful babies who are close as siblings could be and are protective of each other as all hell


la la land and love image beauty, girl, and hair image Image by just a typical sad teenager 90s, aesthetic, and art image
mario and rita are best friends, when they found out rita was pregnant, although they weren't financally ready, they were beyond happy - and when rita had the twins, well damn you could only imagine

Salvatore "Sal" Marco

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tony's identical twin, so they know each other up-side-down and backwards, but sal was born first. they do a lot of stupid shit together let alone with the rest of their friends - ""first"" born velluto child - october 24th, 1956 - scorpio

Stephanie Rose

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father's blue-green eyes, mother's reddish hair, sweetest and most gentle soul on earth, and she's so loved an overly protected by her two big italian brothers - third born velluto child - march 9th, 1958 - pisces


guitar, aesthetic, and vintage image aesthetic, alternative, and cig image boy, friends, and roof image 90s, aesthetic, and arcade image
guitar, reading, hanging out with friends, and arcade gaming with friends (specifically daphne)


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smoking, getting into trouble with buddies, and becoming quickly hostile and defensive

Love Interest

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usually fools around with who ever is interested, but he sure as hell isn't a pig because he was raised right. he and jules mess around more than most