GC MADE (10/10/18) and is dead

message me if you're interested in being in the new one ill make soon :) and include if you rather it be a WHATSAPP or TWITTER GC, thanks

hii all or to whoever is reading this.
i saw posts where people are making groupchats so i thought why not do it too?

here are the requirements (also so we can have the same interests and it won't be awkward) :

- have whatsapp
- be at least 17
- speak english (sorry)
- be nice, mature, supportive, lit
- if you're not comfortable with facetiming/video chatting, im not either so thats okay
- don't join if you're not going to respond or talk for just a few days. we don't need that energy. we want meet one day type of energy

  • let's talk about our struggles
  • girl/boy troubles or the fact we don't have any
  • our good times our bad times
  • send memes
  • play some imessage games
  • laugh, cry, etc
  • night owl???


  • the vampire diaries, riverdale, the office, friends, gilmore girls, bates motel, etc
  • scary, romantic, comedy movies
  • alternative, pop, rock music
  • introverted (extroverts too... i guess lol)
  • dog lovers <3
  • readers
  • youtubers (preferably the vlog squad)

uh so yeah. send me a postcard if you're interested. i will be making it when we have at least 10 people... idk.

if this flops... it never happened