Hey Guys!
I'm Back!

Love. The thing that we all wanted the most when we were in seventh grade, and some of us got, some of us didn't. The crazy thing about Love is that it can take to many places. Marriage, Divorce, Heartbreaks, and Getting together.
The most important about Love is that it is important to love yourself before you can ever love another person. Let me ask a question, "Do you love the way you look or are you self-conscious.?". Self Love is not a pair of words that you hear often. I have been in a relationship before, I jumped into it. After we broke up, I realized that I had to change the way I thought about my self. I mean, I was showing up to school in dresses, and makeup, and my hair always in some kind of style (unless I straightened it.)
I know what it's like. I had to learn to not care if boys didn't like me in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a messy bun. Now, I don't care! If you don't love yourself, take the path I did. You are going to find someone, don't worry. But you'll find her/him when they think you look good in sweatpants, no makeup, and a hoodie. Then, the word LOVE will come to a lot more than just being able to hold hands under the lunch table. You will understand what it's like to love yourself and someone else. To close off this article... Believe in yourself, Accept yourself, LOVE yourself!

Best, Woodchuck66❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜