You know when things happen, but you're not that sure it will work out.. But you're soooo happy, that somethings that happened, can hold a possibility, can be called, a beginning to a safe destination.
A safe destination, I mean, you know.. Being loved. Being happy. Being safe. Holding a belief. Smiling back to positivity..♡♡ When it approach ya!
But again, you still have a question mark, you're not so sure that beginning will take somewhere, you're not sure... But you dream of that.
You sleep and wake up, eat and dress up... Thinking of the happy things that shall happen, but nothing happens.
So, you keep feeding yourself that dream, who did not sign you a contract that it is going to happen. But you did, you signed a story book that you wrote, with all the hope and positivity with all the sweetness and the affection that a heart of a writer would ever have.
Then what?
Then you feel empty broken shattered because reality killers killed the characters you grew with your own efforts.
Then you paint your dictionary in black and start to spit dark blooded pain out of you..
You hate everything and everyone, &the very very very last drop of hope, got lost in a desert of pain and wonder.
Why can't we get love when we dream of getting love?
Why can't the feels, inside of us, get warmed up when our need, hits.
Why? Is it that impossible..
Or is it true that the word impossible tells you -Im'Possible-
Maybe... Because we fail to accept the reality, and won't just let it be..
Maybe.. Because we can not let go... Of a toxic seed that grows a type of flower that we all adore.
Dreams are toxic if we can't distinguish between them and our reality..
Dreams get mean, when we act meaner to our reality.
I am not saying dreams can not be approached or achieved, but I am clearly saying that we should not remain asleep, when the sun of reality is demanding as to wake up.. Or else, it will poke us in the eyes, even if you are trying so hard to protect your eyes by closing it off.. Off into your dreams. Dreams won't protect you... From the meaner sun.
That is why... One should wake up on time, never oversleep your dreams.
Wake up- Have your eyes wide open and be careful, only by that.. You can protect yourself when a reality bullet comes towards you, before it wound you.
Enjoy moments of positive beginnings or enjoy anything which is real, but don't dramatize it with expectations.. Don't draw conclusions with a glitter pen, you can draw a smile with your glitter, good feelings, positivity.. But not overly high happy expectations or a perfect future predictions or pinky dreamy conclusions when you still haven't stepped a single step toward the places you aim.
Wake up. Dreams will remain 'dreams' if you won't wake up sweetie.