I decided I was a feminist at 15yo.
I looked around and I realised how much I was stereotyped and that I wasn't really free to be who I wanted to be.

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It made me angry listening to all my teachers and friends saying that some sort of things are just not for women, that men are better at doing them simply because they are men.
I have always believed in equality but I think I took it for granted.
Only when it happened me to be sexualised by my male friends or to be thought not suit for something just because I was female, I understood I was not free as I thought.

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I learned to stand up for myself and for others, I learned to not care about my behaviour not being good for a girl and I learned to fight for my rights, for everyone's rights.

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I was told I was being stupid, because it was useless to fight for something that we already have.
But we don't have it.
Yes, we have achieved some results, but it doesn't mean that now we have to stop. because it is not over yet, and I won't stop.
So if you'll ask me if I am a feminist:
yep, I am.
And I am proud of it.

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