Becoming an adult, getting older is hard.
You want to grow up so fast but as soon as you're older you wish you would've stayed a kid longer... .
As a kid you have nothing to worry about, because you don't know anything. And growing up, the more you learn, the more you get to worry about. Which turns a lot of us crazy and tired. There comes a point when you realise that adults don't know much either, which is really scary because nobody actually knows what he's doing. You just have to find answers or solutions to your own questions and problems now. You have to deal with them yourself right away. It's scary, stressy and tiring. Life crisis here, money problems there... . It's never calm and restful anymore. But it's okay, because now is the time to become the person you want, influenced by all the ones you've always looked up to. The ones that seemed to handle life well. To inspire you and give you faith and hope. To feel strong handeling life.

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So much hope, so many questions, so much faith, purity and ignorance.
I dream of glistening stars in the night sky and Greek Gods to protect from all evil. I see creatures in the clouds, I hear music in the streets and I feel adventure in a breeze. I believe in the unknown and I trust my surroundings. Running means freedom and jumping means flying. Colours are feelings, nature is art and animals are friends. Laughing is constant and sleep is careless. And still protected. Beautiful, happy.

It's not the same anymore today, I wake up 21 and feel imprisoned by the mean enemy, the stepmother in the fairytales, losing all hope and positivity ... . But forcing myself to believe.

Lots of love...