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You know what is great and not at all productive?
We all do it anyway so let's get into this. In my opinion, one season TV series are the best to binge, because you can finish them in one binge and feel very much satisfied. Unless they are one season only because the second one got canceled.
The following will be a list of one or at most two season TV series which I loved binging and I tried to write not so popular ones. So this article will actually give you something new.
Red Band Society
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The series is about teenagers in a hospital. Each one has their own problem. It's about their lives and their friendships, which would be highly unlikely had they not been in the same hospital.
First off, the series deals with serious topics like an eating disorder, cancer, etc. Each one is portrayed well. At the same time, the characters are amazing. There is depth in the story of each character. The series has friendship, love and a significant amount of humor. At the end of the day, I fell in love with the characters and everything was portrayed so well. The only exception being the love triangle, I didn't like it. However, that was compensated by another amazing ship.
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Ther is only one season, which consists of 13 episodes.
The series doesn't have intense cliffhangers, but it does have a pretty good storyline. At least I had a great time binging.
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Nowhere Boys
If you want something more fantasy and less serious.
I was obsessed with this show. OBSESSED. My best friend and I used to call ourselves character names and I had the spells copied exactly in my notebook, with all the drawings and everything. We used to sing the spell together and make up our own inside fandom jokes it was fun, we fangirled a fair amount.
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Nowhere Boys is an Australian TV series about 4 boys who accidentally end up in a parallel universe where they don't exist.
First of all, anything with parallel universes and magic, I'm down. Second, I loved their accents. Third, I loved seeing how the characters interacted with each other because they were not friends they just ended up in the same group on a camping trip, then they got lost and ended up together in a parallel universe. The show is pretty cool, despite the fact that the graphics and special effects did lack some quality but overall I loved it.
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It mostly light and with an amount of humor and magic.
The show as an original does have two seasons though but, the seasons have 13 episodes each and each episode is just 26 minutes. So basically it equals 1 standard TV show season if not less if we take into account that standard TV shows have 22 forty five minute episodes per season.
Big Little Lies
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Now, I am pretty sure these series are fairly popular, but I had to include them. Because you just binge, binge and binge. There is no stopping with this one. I tried to convince myself to stop at the end of every single episode, but then the next one started playing automatically and me claiming "oh just one more episode" got me to the point when there were no more episodes.
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These series are based on a book. The series is about three women and their lives. It is a mystery murder investigation. I think the trailer can explain it better than I can. This one in contrast to the previous one is more on the serious side. Includes themes such as rape, abuse etc.
The whole sea aesthetic is amazing, the show has many great meaningful messages about family and life in general. Also, can we take a moment for the fact that my childhood favorite actress - Nicole Kidman, is in the same show as Shailene Woodley who plays my favorite character ever- Tris, and they both are together with Reese Witherspoon who plaid my idol Elle Woods.
Currently there is only one season, but I believe the second one will come out soon. Each season has seven episodes of 50 minutes.
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
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Oh the feels.
Okay, so we all know Once Upon A Time right? Well if you love that, British accent and Alice in Wonderland this series might be perfect for you.
First off, anything Alice in Wonderland I'm sold. The show is about Alice going back to wonderland to reunite with her love. I also talked about the show in my most recent article:
The graphics are a little cheap but when has that stopped me from watching a show? Alice and Cyrus honestly, not my kind of ship. However, Will the best kind of comedic relief character that got me to watch the whole show nonstop. His ship with Anastasia is my new OTP.
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Everyone has a British accent which is basically heaven. I loved Red Queens character.
Overall I was satisfied, mostly because it has been a while since I encountered a ship so good before.
If you have no idea what a ship means and you think I'm crazy: Ship is a couple that you want to be together aka the couple that you ship. The couple that you ship the most is your OTP.
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SPOILER ALERT Don't look at the following images if you don't want to get spoiled.
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Anyway, this was all hope you found something new that will diminish your productivity for the following day. You're welcome lol, but for real you should take time for yourself and treat yourself even if it is just watching a tv show while eating a full box of pizza. Now it is time for me to go to sleep. It is currently 2 am and this the second article I've written for today because I have skipped last weeks article so... Sorry for possible grammatical mistakes this is sleepiness typing So (lo)n(g) and go(o)d night -Angelinp(u)rga(t)ory