Hi everyone! This article was inspired by a few different articles about what life would be like as a Greek goddess. Hope you enjoy it!

Name: Adoni

Adoni: the female form of Adonis which means "he who fights dragons."

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Father - Perseus: the mortal hero who slayed Medusa and rescued Ethiopian princess Andromeda.

Mother: the mortal princess Andromeda who was going to be sacrificed to a sea monster until saved by Perseus.

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Origin Story

While visiting Sparta in my parents' attempt to match me with the Spartan prince, I escape to the nearby forest for peace. I hear a howl and stumble upon a wounded wolf with an arrow sticking out of its's stomach, but still breathing. I collapse trying to help the wolf when a handsome stranger comes up. He sees my distress and compassion over the injured wolf he just shot. The stranger pulls out the arrow and heals the wolf. I realize that stranger is the god Apollo. Locking gazes, I realize he is the love of my life. Apollo takes me to Olympus where gods turn me into a goddess.

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Hair: long curly brown hair
Eyes: golden brown

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Light and flowing classical dresses.

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Goddess of luck and good fortune / protector of those running away from bad situations.

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Apollo: god of the sun, music, poetry, healing, archery, music, the arts, oracles.

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Psych: goddess of the soul, also use to be mortal.

The Nine Muses with Euterpe (muse of dance) and Terpsichore (muse of music) being my closest friends of the nine.

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A butterfly as symbol for my transformation from mortal to goddess.

Also, I am often seen riding a pegasus, the creature that was created when the blood of Medusa touched the earth when Perseus cut her head off.

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Sacred Animal

Wolf for the animal that brought Apollo and I together

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Gold, the color of the sun

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My Ambrosia and Nectar Would Taste Like

Ambrosia: layered fruit cakes
Nectar: Mojitos

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I Would Live

On Olympus, the home of the gods

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