Hi loves! How are you doing? I really hope you're good!

I felt like writing an article today maybe do a bit of an aesthetic thing so we'll see! I hope this article will be useful for you! Enjoy!

1. Hang out at a coffee shop

coffee shop, marble, and outfit image beautiful, book, and coffee shop image

2. Go to a pumpkin field

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image pumpkin, girl, and autumn image

3. Watch Halloween movies
Check out my previous article for halloween movies ideas!

autumn, harry potter, and fall image Halloween, fall, and autumn image

4. Have a photoshoot

art, autumn, and beautiful image autumn, friends, and fall image

5. Play with dead leaves

autumn, girl, and fall image autumn, girl, and fall image

6. Write some poems

Image removed quotes, love, and book image

7. Study on rainy days

Image removed study, laptop, and school image

8. Play video games

Image removed game, retro, and vintage image

9. Go shopping

gossip girl, chanel, and blair waldorf image book, girl, and maps image

10. Go hiking

Temporarily removed beautiful, hiking, and leaves image

11. Fall room decor

home, autumn, and room image autumn, cozy, and decor image

12. Go skateboarding

natural, peach, and sneaker image cold, leaves, and orange image

13. Read a book

book, bed, and reading image autumn, book, and cozy image

14. Try an fx makeup look

fx, occult, and witch image fx, NYX, and ouija image

15. Visit a haunted place

house, tumblr, and woods image house, home, and forest image

Once again, hope you all loved it and also hope your fall will be the best ever. It's my favorite season, I love just spending days watching Halloween movies with some candles and a hot cocoa it's just so perfect!

Love, Sarah x

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan