- Ghosttown ~ Madonna

diva, icon, and madonna image Lyrics, pop, and madonna image

- The Night We Met ~ Lord Huron

black, break up, and quotes image song, lord huron, and 13 reasons why image

- Begin Again ~ Taylor Swift

Image by ყ. ʚɞ Taylor Swift, begin again, and Lyrics image

- Let Her Go ~ Passenger

passenger, let her go, and Lyrics image love, quotes, and fast image

- Take Me To Church ~ Hozier

andrew, concert, and gig image quotes image

- Born To Die ~ Lana Del Rey

album, born to die, and lana del rey image lana del rey, born to die, and grunge image

- Yellow ~ Coldplay

Image removed coldplay, color, and Lyrics image

- Only You ~ Selena Gomez

13, clay, and hannah image music, selena gomez, and song image

- Autumn Leaves ~ Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran, ed, and sheeran image caption, lilac, and Lyrics image

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